Twin Heart Meditation for Relationship Healing            

The Meditation on Twin Hearts is a method used for gaining deep relaxation, eliminating stress, promoting health, increasing creativity and intelligence, and attaining inner happiness and fulfillment.It is practiced by millions of people worldwide and is a simple, natural, effortless technique. Meditation on Twin Hearts has shown improved and enhanced relationships.It has proven to save marriages and relationships that were falling apart.
Every Wednesday ; Time : 7:00PM - 7:45PM
Energy Exchange : Dhs. 20/-
Office No: 402; Montana Building, Next to Popeyes, GPO, Karama, Dubai


Theta Healing Meditation, Awareness Talk & Demonstration            

Theta Healing™ is a technique that teaches how to put to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual "work". We believe by changing your brain wave cycle to include the "Theta" state, you can actually watch the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional healings. During the meditation you will be taught how to get your brain wave cycle to get into the Theta state and Manifest your most empowered life!
Upon learning the technique of Theta Healing™, you will see that everyone has intuitive abilities that can be used to bring about spontaneous physical and emotional healings. Using this personal process, you will help yourself, as well as your friends and family. The theta state also helps you to access higher knowledge such as future readings, changing your energy fields and release all blocks that hinder your from living out of your most empowering potential.
Every Thursday; Time : 7:00PM - 7:45PM
Energy Exchange : Dhs. 20/-
Office No: 402; Montana Building, Next to Popeyes, GPO, Karama, Dubai


Holistic Yoga            

Yoga simply means "union". Union of the mind body and spirit. The aim and essence is to reach the non- dual status leading to the bliss. Yoga is a spiritual way of synchronizing your own self with the universal self and realizing that you are ONE with the whole.
Yoga has long been known to be a great antidote to stress. Yoga has the power to calm the mind, enhance your concentration and give you the ability to cope with tension with grace and ease. Yoga combines many popular stress- reducing techniques, including exercise and learning to control the breath, clear the mind, and relax the body. With Yoga becoming more and more internationally known, people are beginning to understand and accept the benefits this ancient practice brings to their stressful lives.
• REDUCES stress – reducing cortisol level and promoting better metabolism.
• OPTIMIZES hormones – through more balanced secretion of hormones at central and peripheral levels.
• IMPROVES lymphatic circulation – helping you get rid of toxins in the body.
• Creates more AWARENESS – making you more aware and alive to your real potential.
• PROMOTES healthy lifestyle thus leading to more balanced life.
Conducted by : Ms. Shobanna, Certified Reiki Master | Teacher, Master | Teacher in Magnified healing, Hypnotherapist and Yoga Master | Teacher and Healer..
Two to three days a week (8 classes per month) One hour class with some free spiritual topic discussions on a weekly basis.
--> Monday - 5:30pm to 6:30 pm - 6:30pm to 7.30 pm
--> Tuesday - 8:00am to 9:00 am
--> Wednesday - 8:00am to 9:00 am
--> Thursday - 5:30pm to 6:30 pm - 6:30pm to 7:30 pm
--> Friday - 5:30pm to 6:30 pm - 6:30pm to 7:30 pm
--> Saturday - 8:00am to 9:00 am
Energy Exchange : AED 400/-
Office No: 402; Montana Building, Next to Popeyes, GPO, Karama, Dubai



New age counselling for Teenagers
Depression seems to be common today in youngsters. Teenagers struggle with different issues than younger children and adults such as identity crises, extreme peer pressure and difficulty in fitting in. They often feel stuck between wanting independence and still needing guidance. They find it hard to be understood. Teens are more likely than adults to make decisions without considering the consequences and feel invincible. It can be hard to cope with all of the changes that happen during teenage years. If you’re having trouble dealing with certain situations or emotions, you might find counseling to be a helpful way of sorting things out. If you’re wondering whether counseling could be helpful to you, here are some questions to ask yourself:
• Do you feel really sad, frustrated, or lonely?
• Do you feel especially angry, annoyed, or out-of-control?
• Do you feel very anxious, worried, or guilty?
• Have you experienced some major problems at home, at school, or in your neighborhood?
• Have you noticed some changes in the way you sleep, eat, or think and feel about life?
• Is it hard for you to talk about these feelings with your family or friends?
• Are these feelings having a bad effect on your life-are they making your schoolwork and your relationships with family and friends hard?
If you are answer is a yes to more than three of the above mentioned questions, then you are definitely in need of counseling.
Cosmic healing center offer specialized counseling for teenagers (below 18 only).
Conducted by Anjana Pisharody: A graduate with Counselling as a specialty Anjana has actively been volunteering to help with mentally challenged children and teenagers to help resolve their conflicts and confusions in daily life. As a qualified artist she combines the therapeutic effects of art in counselling when required. She has completed B.Sc (Hons) Psychology with Counseling, Middlesex University (UK) - academic grounding in Foundation Psychology, Counseling skills, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Ethics, Biology, Psychological therapy and has completed her Post Baccalaureate course in Art from the School of Museum of fine Arts-Boston.
Time : Prior to appointment
Energy Exchange : Dhs. 200/-
Office No: 402; Montana Building, Next to Popeyes, GPO, Karama, Dubai


Yoga for Weight Loss Program            

Obesity is a chronic health problem that has become a worldwide epidemic. Furthermore, rates of obesity are increasing at alarming rates due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles combined with easy access to cheap, tasty high fat foods. Stress is another common factor that causes people to indulge in emotional eating binges.
Yoga is a known stress buster, but it's also one of the most effective workouts for fighting stubborn fat stores. Studies show that yoga lowers levels of stress hormones and increases insulin sensitivity—a signal to your body to burn food as fuel rather than store it as fat. Yoga poses for weight loss will help to firm up your body. Healthy weight management includes a balanced exercise program. Practicing Yoga is a great way to increase your metabolism, strengthen your muscles and tone your entire body. There are many different types of Yoga practices. Some Yoga sessions are more restorative and relaxing in nature while other sequences are more strenuous and burn more calories. Regular practice of Yoga sequences is very effective in losing some weight and trimming your waistline, while maintaining good muscle tone. Regulating your hormones is crucial for weight loss.
• Do you struggle to lose weight easily?
• Do you have difficulty keeping up your motivation to lose weight?
• Do you constantly think about your weight and yet can do nothing about it?
• Are you unable to change your lifestyle?
• Do you want something to change inside of you to lose weight and keep it off?
If you experience any of the feelings above then our ’ Yoga for Weight Loss’ program is ideal for you. Our specialized program will help you to:
• REDUCES stress – reducing cortisol level and promoting better metabolism.
• OPTIMIZES hormones – through more balanced secretion of hormones at central and peripheral levels.
• IMPROVES lymphatic circulation – helping you get rid of toxins in the body.
• IMPROVES dietary habits – optimizes diet through Yoga Nutrition advice.
• Creates more AWARENESS – making you more aware and alive to your real potential.
• Give you the RIGHT cardio and fat burning abilities.
• PROMOTES healthy lifestyle thus leading to more permanent results.
If you can relate to the above mentioned, then look no further, this specialized ‘Mind & Body Weight Loss program’ is the one for you and is exclusively designed to meet YOUR needs.
Conducted by : Ms.Shobana Pisharody; Certified Reiki Master | Teacher, Master | Teacher in Magnified healing, Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher and Healer..
Dates: Three days a week (12 classes per month) Flexible timings 1.5 hours
Energy Exchange : AED 750/- per month
Office No: 402; Montana Building, Home Options Building, GPO, Karama, Dubai


Inner Beauty Practitioner Course            

This certification course helps You (Man / Female) to radiate skin, body and soul. This beauty course does not use chemicals; but Divine energy to invoke beauty. The Practitioner can deal with emotional, physical and mental aspects. Aroma Therapy maintains balance and harmony of body and mind. Dry skin, acne, cellulite, wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots, thinning hair can be completely healed with Aroma and Organic Therapy. Reveal the Inner Beauty!!
The 2 Day Course Covers
• Know Your Skin (Anatomy)
• Aroma Therapy
• The AM & PM plan for Skin Care
• Skin Foods
• Understanding Antioxidants
• Organic Therapy
• Add Colour To Your Life (Colour Therapy)
• Chakras Knowledge
• Crystal Therapy
• Powerful Beauty Affirmations
• Divine Healing
Conducted by : Dr. Ssrija Nair, Certified Aroma & Organic Healing Trainer. Ssrija holds Doctorate degree from India on Alternative Medicine and is a qualified practitioner of Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Pyramid Healing, Magnetic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Reiki. What makes her training more effective is her years of successful practice as a healer and her awareness of the various energy healing modalities.
Dates: May 27 and 28, 2016
Time : 10 AM – 4 PM
Energy Exchange : Dhs. 2400/-
Course Materials & Aroma Oils, Crystal, Organic samples provided
Office No: 402; Montana Building, Next to Popeyes, GPO, Karama, Dubai


Reiki level II Course            

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.
In Reiki level II, students expand upon their learning and skills acquired during the previous level. Most importantly, students further their understandingof energy and how to utilize Reiki for those at a distance. This is often called absentee healing or healing by proxy. In other words, students are introduced to the concept of distance healing. As part of the training they practice sending Reiki to a friend or relative at a distance. Theyare taught the three sacred Reiki II symbols, in terms of how to use them to augment healing therapy. Reiki II symbols are powerful and they will learn to use them and apply them productively and effectively during Reiki II training. Students are also given a much more in-depth overview of all of the Chakras.
The attunements related to Reiki II are powerful and wonderful to experience.
Pre-requisite: Students should have completed Reiki level I with at least 21 days practice.
Conducted by : Ms. Shobanna Pisharody, Certified Reiki Master | Teacher, Master | Teacher in Magnified healing, Hypnotherapist and Yoga Teacher and Healer..
Dates: June 10, 2016
Time : 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Energy Exchange : Dhs. 800/-
Office No: 402; Montana Building, Next to Popeyes, GPO, Karama, Dubai


Spiritual Discourses by Dr. Ssrija            

Spiritual Discourses makes aware of yourself as a Soul and as one with GOD, not as a theory but as a living reality. They are for people who want a consistent, time-proven approach to their spiritual unfoldment. It is high time now to throw off the veil of secrecy, and broadcast the whole Truth in the face of the world which has already advanced much, intellectually. You can activate an awareness of your Divine essence and deepen your relationship with GOD. Spiritual Discourses also offer practical keys to a more successful life in the world. They address issues that are common to all of us—relationships, finances, emotions, health, spirituality, and more. Because of their unique approach, you may find new, more effective ways to deal with life’s daily concerns. We call this “Practical Spirituality.” Spiritual Discourses are not in conflict with any religious beliefs you hold. In fact, most people find that Discourses support and amplify the experience of whatever path, philosophy, or religion (if any) they choose to follow. Simply put, Spiritual Discourses are about eternal truths and the wisdom of the heart.
04th June - Light of Prosperity Empowerment - 10:00am to 12:30pm – Saturday – Dhs. 250/-
You will learn to get rid of psychological stress, tension, worries and insecurity generated due to financial crisis. You achieve paradigm shift within from Scarcity to Abundance! in this discourse, Abundance Harmonic DNA Activation Meditation is done to acheive the empowerment of Prosperity!
07th June - Divine Oneness talk - 05:00pm to 06:00pm – Tuesday – Dhs. 70/-
After the course it will help you identify who you are and how you are connected and One with God and the Universe. How thoughts do affects us and how it affects others. You will also realise that your thoughts and actions are the reflection of the world. It helps you understand the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you".
10th June- Shiva and Shakti workshop - 10:00am to 12:30pm – Saturday – Dhs. 250/-
You will have a deeper meaning of Yin & Yang Energies "The Twin Realities". How does Yin & Yang Energies impact our life? This beautiful course helps us to know more about self realization and experience Supreme Bliss with the combination of both these energies. It helps us to create more harmonious relationships and bring more joy to life.
13th June - Akashic records - 05:00pm to 06:00pm – Monday – Dhs. 70/-
The course reveals to what is Akashic Records, you will learn what information are stored and available there. How to tap and receive information, guidance and the ways and means to change life. The truth about your life and how to live in Grace. How to unlock the Secrets of your Soul. It is one of the most powerful tools available to us today.
18th June - Law of Karma workshop - 10:00am to 12:30pm – Saturday – Dhs. 250/-
A beautifully designed workshop. Karma simply means "What you sow, that you reap", it is an Universal Law which will further help you understand the deeper meanings of "What is Karma" and "How Karma effects you and your family" and how you can change and live happily, joyfully, peacefully and prosperously by using the Law of Karma. Law of Karma opens up the many avenues you have in life and it helps you how to overcome any challenges positively and successfully. It is a powerful tool in your daily lives to live life fully.
20th June - Clairvoyance - 5:00pm to 6:00pm – Monday – Dhs. 70/-
This workshop helps you understand what Clairvoyance is. It will help you to develop and be a Clairvoyant. How Angels talk and communicate to us during in different ways. You will know what are the four ways of combination of communication. What are the different types of Clair's and what does they mean. Find out your Primary Clair. It will help you to overcome fear and see what you want to see and change your life.
24th June - Mindfulness - Being here and Now workshop - 10:00am to 12:30pm – Friday – Dhs. 250/-
This workshop introduces you to the key principles of living mindfully, and introduce some basic practices to help you cultivate mindfulness in daily life. Mindfulness is the ability to engage with the present moment without stress provoking negative judgments. In this workshop we learn to transcend ordinary thinking and inhabit a way of being that allows us to experience our lives directly.
24th June - Miracles workshop - 04:00pm to 05:30pm – Friday – Dhs. 70/-
This inspiring workshop talks about GOD blessings and miracles in our lives. This workshop helps one to understand what miracles are and how to recognize them. It helps you to determine what's really keeping you in fear and a crystal clear vision of what it is that you desire most and how to create easily an actionable plan to turn dreams into reality.
25th June - Karmic Relationship Clearing - 10:00am to 12:30pm – Saturday – Dhs. 250/-
1. Do you find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster of extreme highs and lows in this relationship? OR 2. Have you ended this relationship more than once for good reason, only to get back together and continue the same dysfunctional pattern? OR 3. Is one person in this relationship willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice to come to another’s assistance? OR 4. Does the bond of the relationship remain strong even when you’ve been out of contact for long periods of time? If you answered yes to any of the questions, you may be in one of several different types of karmic relationships. This discourse heals invisible emotional wounds from present and past lives along with prenatal and birth experiences. The meditation within this course helps You to let go and discharge old trauma. This powerful discourse helps to transform negative patterns and You chooses more conscious and loving behaviors and new interactions with those You love.
As part of “COSMIC CARES” Vision & Mission to help Humanity, 75% of the course fees will be used as Charity in helping the upliftment of our brothers in Labour Camps.
Conducted by : Dr. Ssrija Nair, Healer | Trainer | Psychologist.
Office No: 402; Montana Building, Next to Popeyes, GPO, Karama, Dubai